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Just look at these guys! It’s like someone splashed water on Hanbrough in the off season and these two slack-jawed yokels were spawned (also, wtf team are those jerseys for? Double Pump vs Pump n Run?). They kind of reminds me of the twins in the 2nd Matrix, if the Matrix twins were rednecks. I’m sure that CBS is involved in this conspiracy at some level – hopefully they’ll air some sort of Jim Nantz narrated montage of how they came to be. After years off blank faced Psycho T taking over the airwaves in March, I was really looking forward to not being forced to sit through an interview (or many) featuring his slow, agonizingly monotone retelling of how he got his nickname. “Ma frends called me Psa-coh T cuz I’m all crazy and intanse. Psa-coh T.” Now I’ll probably have to sit through TWO of these mouthbreathers babbling on about what it’s like to be twin brothers playing on the same college basketball team.


Who knows, maybe they’ll fail out of UNC by the end of the year. Although I will have to say that I haven’t seen them give any kind of interview yet. They probably have British accents and will brush off basketball questions to explain their economic theories of how to get the GDP growing again as they put glasses on and light their pipes. Matrix TwinsUntil then I can make fun of them, since there’s NO WAY I can give any actual analysis of how good any college basketball team is at this point in the season.

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