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A Game for a diary

A big  time game in the Big 12 features two top five teams going head to head in what is Sherron Collins swan song at Fog Allen Field House.

So it’s 7:30, I turned on the K St.-KU game about a half hour ago.  Everyone was talking about how the whole Senior Night distraction was going to play right into the Wildcats hands.  Um, not so much.  So here’s a run through of the evening as I’m switching through the games.

11:40 left in the 1st Kansas up 20-12 and headed to the line.  They look so much more composed and ready for this type of match-up.  K St. has taken some bad shots and just looks off.

Interesting that KU is playing a Triangle-2 defense.  This is a gimmick defense, but the fact that K St. is already in the bonus, Bill Self doesn’t want any more cheap fouls against the speed of the Wildcats.

Collins at the line, hits them both.  A little scared that the refs are going to try to take this game over and as I type this, another whistle.  Goo!  Swallow those damn things stripes!  No one is here to watch you blow.

Jacob Pullen just hit a long three and K St. with a great block but they quickly turn it over and now a foul on Clemente, which initially looked like an intentional foul, but that was waved off.  The announcers think this is a great idea.

Why is it that announcers always feel the need to support the refs?  Why can’t they take as much criticism as the coaches and players get?  Collins took a quick three on a recent possession and the announcers called it a stupid shot.  When was the last time they’ve said that a call was “stupid?”  The refs are grown men, they can take some heat, shit!

Under 8 timeout and a message from my “friends” at Phillips 66.  Really?  Friends?

Switch over to UConn- Notre Dame.  Oh my god, 45-38 with 3:05 left in the game.  I know that Notre Dame is in Indiana, but would someone tell these guys they don’t play in the Big Ten.  Time-out.

Big Ten Network.  Iowa at Wisconsin…..hmmm…… I wonder what my friends over at Phillips 66 have to say?

Quick 7-0 run by K St. to get it to 6.  Time-out KU.  They don’t look great offensively.  Aldrich only has one shot so far.  There is 5:46 left in the first half.

Xavier Henry has 15 pts. so far even though he sat for over 8 minutes with 2 fouls.

Alley-Oop to Aldrich, it must be fun to be that tall when you’re playing basketball.

Wow.  Wally Judge with a monster finish off a missed lay-up and it’s all of a sudden down to four.

K St. is playing a 1-2-2.  I really like that defense.  The best three point looks your going to get is usually from the corner and if your big man isn’t going to or able to shoot from the free throw line it’s tough to get good looks anywhere else.

Good thing Motel 6 has got wireless internet now, they just about missed it.

Quick flip to UConn-Notre Dame, the Irish up 6 with 25 ticks left.  Another bad loss for the Huskies.  Who thought they’d be good…shit.

Ahh, don’t miss the Big 12 halftime report presented by Oberto beef jerky.  We are definitely in Big 12 country.

A three from the corner from some white guy named Tyrell Reid.  45-38 at the half, quite entertaining.

Bill Self just said that both teams were dealing with foul problems in the first half so they had to go into they’re bench.  If you read between the lines he’s saying that refs need to stick those whistles in their asses in the second half.

Oh yeah, Duke and Maryland playing tonight too.  Ick, Kyle Singler.  Has there been a more hyped player coming into college who has never really done anything.  I mean, he plays a lot, but he’s never been dominate.

Nice little 7-0 run by the Terps to start the game.

Meanwhile, Florida St. up by three on Wake with 4.2 left.  Another free throw and this one is in the books, done and done.  The Demon Deacons are doing everything they can to get on the bad side of the bubble as they’ve lost three straight.  They finish out at home against Clemson which wont be easy either, lose that one and Wake will be just .500 in a mediocre ACC.

Duke-Maryland in a delay because of a hole in the net.  Will this cancel out a media time-out since all they’re doing is playing commercials?  Doubtful.

Greivis Vasquez is an Argentine.  I don’t like him.  I haven’t watched him play a lot, but I don’t like Argentine basketball players.  Although, Manu slapping that bat out of mid air was pretty cool.

Singler apparently scored 30 this year against Georgia Tech.  I guess he is pretty good.

Maryland is up 10 and the crowd is really going nuts.  Ooh, Erin Andrews is at the game, nice.

Jay Bilas has got to be one of the best color guys in all of college hoops and I love the fact that he works with both CBS during the tourney and ESPN.  Why is he the only guy that gets to cross over like that?

Under 12 timeout.  21-8.  Maryland really is out hustling Duke up and down the floor.  It’s a nice start, but the Blue Devils have been in the Terps’ heads for years so we’ll see if this holds up.

Holy crap!  The K St.-KU game is back on and it’s tied.

Bad foul on the offensive end against K St.  Of course Sherron Collins is going to get that in his last game in the Fog.

Double foul as Marques Morris took down Jamar Samuels of K St.  I find it odd that this looks like a finishing move and a WWE commercial was just on.  Nice DDT by Morris.

KU finally works it in to Adrich and he promptly takes it to the hole for two.  All of sudden the Jayhawks are back up by 8.

After a K St. time out they quickly turn it over to a Henry dunk.  This is a point where things could get out of hand if the Wildcats aren’t careful.  Two quick fouls against KU, I guess the refs saw it the same way.

Another foul and the Wildcats are in the bonus with almost 13 minutes left.  The twins are on the bench as the Jayhawks go small.  This should be interesting against the 1-2-2.

Well, the small ball isn’t working too well, the lead is down to four after a three by Clemente.  Under 12 time out.

A Whataburger commercial.  Don’t be jealous if you don’t have these in your area, they are highly overrated.

I’m calling it now.  If it comes down to a final shot and Sherron Collins takes it, he’ll hit it.  He is 1 for 10 right now.

These refs better not be staying in Lawrence tonight, they are about to incite a riot.

Aldrich just completes a three point play with the ugliest free throw technique ever.

Collins just hit a three.  He will heat up quick, Jayhawks by 10 again.  A great game of runs and momentum shifts.

10-2 run for KU and it’s a 12 point lead another moment when the game could get out of hand and another whistle from the refs, shocker.

Two point game at the half between the Dukies and the Terps.  It’s hard to be this right so often.

Collins has scored the last 7 points for KU, this is getting out of hand as Taylor drops a three and it’s 16.

Good fight from K St., but the Jayhawks with just too many weapons.  Full court pressure from the Wildcats and they switch to man defense.

Ouch.  Pullen trying to go coast to coast just got put to the floor on a block by Aldrich.  Not a good idea to scoop through a seven footer.

18 point game as we reach the under four minute Sonic roller skating ad.  Is it 1958 again?  Ironically that was the last time the Wildcats and Jayhawks played as both top 5 teams.

K St. headed for a 2 seed and look out for them in the tournament.  They have a point guard that can penetrate and shoot in Denis Clemente, a dominate scorer in Jacob Pullen, and athletic players in the paint.

Like how the Wildcats are finishing up the game though, playing hard defense, diving for balls on the floor, and driving hard to the bucket.

Rock Chalk raining down from the rafters, there isn’t a cooler tradition in all of college basketball.  Should start earlier to last longer though.

Nice moment for Sherron Collins as he leaves the game, no wait, confusion as the foul was a DQ.  Now K St. takes a timeout as the parade of players comes off the bench to replace the starters.  Love it, Frank Martin looks like a goon from Goodfellas.

Now Collins leaves the floor, hugs and tears all around.  Final score KU 82 K St. 65

I’m going to watch the Duke-Maryland game, but with the big game over so ends this post.

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