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Getting to Know Your 2009 Iowa Hawkeyes: Anthony Tucker

**Getting to Know Your 2009 Iowa Hawkeyes is a regular feature on StatJunkie.  This feature will profile every player of the team unanimously predicted to finish 11th in the Big Ten:  the 2009 Iowa Hawkeyes.**

Anthony Tucker #1


Anthony Tucker's mouth drops while surveying a vast collection of liquor.

  • Height:  6′-4″
  • Weight:  200
  • Class:  Sophomore
  • Position:  Shooting Guard
  • Hometown:  Minnetonka, MN
  • Nicknames:  The Rainman, The Drunk, Tipsy McPassout

Tucker came to Iowa after being named Metro Player of the Year by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, leading his team to a 28-3 record and a Minnesota state championship.  During his freshman year with the Hawks, Tucker appeared to be blossoming into a star as the team’s leading scorer averaging nearly 10 points, 3 boards, and  shooting 43% from beyond the arc through 14 games.  Yes, it appeared Iowa basketball had it’s next star-in-the-making.  Uh oh! Apparently Mr. Tucker had been taking as many shots in downtown Iowa City bars as he had been taking on the basketball court; A LOT.  In classic drunken hilarity, Tucker was found completely passed-out and unconscious in an alley behind a bar.  After being rushed to the nearest liquor store hospital, Tucker’s blood-alcohol level was determined to be more than twice the legal limit, or as physicians refer to it:  “Verne Troyer drunk“.  Oh yeah, he also had mono.

Tucker would sit out the remainder of the 2008-2009 season after becoming academically ineligible, but would remain on scholarship.  Beginning the 2009-2010 season, Tucker said all the right things, had grown up, felt embarrassed, would take responsibility of his actions’ and wouldn’t do anything else to hurt the University of Iowa.  Ohhhh shit.  Tucker’s 2nd public intox charge poured gallons of gasoline on the Hawkeyes’ fiery-train-wreck of a season, putting thousands of Iowa fans on suicide watch.

Tucker remains suspended for the time being, and no one knows if or when he will return to the basketball team this season.  God knows the Hawks need him on the court; almost more than Tucker needs a stiff drink by noon on a  Monday.

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