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Getting to Know Your 2009 Iowa Hawkeyes: Jarryd Cole

**Getting to Know Your 2009 Iowa Hawkeyes is a regular feature on StatJunkie.  This feature will profile every player of the team unanimously predicted to finish 11th in the Big Ten:  the 2009 Iowa Hawkeyes.**

Jarryd Cole #50


  • Height:  6′-7″
  • Weight:  250***
  • Class:  Junior
  • Position:  Power forward, Center
  • Hometown:  Kansas City, MO
  • Nicknames:  The Beast, Sir Boards-a-lot, The Virgin Slayer

*** 90% muscle, 10% brawn

Jarryd Jerrod Cole, yes his middle name is Jerrod, came to Iowa City in 2007 from Winnetonka High School in Kansas City, MO.  During his freshman year, Cole’s bulk, physique, and sheer intimidation earned him playing time in Iowa’s first 13 games including six starts before suffering a torn left ACL against perennial powerhouse Southeast Louisiana.  Cole would sit out the remainder of the 2007-2008 season, instead opting  to focus on free weight-lifting, martial arts, and snapping the necks of wild grizzly bears with his hands.

Cole, recovering from the ACL tear, eased his way back in the lineup playing sparingly early in his sophomore year.  As the year progressed, Cole clocked more and more minutes on the floor and steadily improved his game.  His best performance came in a 75-67 win over Penn State where he scored 14 points, ripped 11 rebounds, and inadvertently impregnated all fertile women sitting within five rows of the court.

This year, Cole will be counted on to be one of the leaders of a Hawkeye team that contains only one senior and is one of the youngest in the Big Ten.  Still only a junior, Cole is now Iowa’s most seasoned veteran, having been with the team longer than any of his teammates.  He substantially improved the range of his jumper in the off-season, which should open up more options for him offensively.  The extra work in the weight room has definitely paid off, as anyone who has seen Cole this year could easily mistake him for a Greek god.  Look for Cole to increase his minutes substantially and average around 12 points and 8 rebounds per game this year.

Jarryd Cole fun facts:

  1. Cole was considered for the role of John Rambo in the 2008 version of the Sylvester Stallone directed Rambo, but was deemed too physically imposing and terrifying for the role.  Test audiences were reported to consistently lose all control of their bowels when Cole appeared shirtless on the screen.  Stallone would eventually play the role.
  2. Cole has never lost to Bull Hurley in an arm wrestling competition.
  3. Iowa physicians have confirmed Cole’s body fat to be less than zero percent.
  4. Cole can instantly grow a beard by merely flexing.
  5. Cole urinates testosterone.